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Some of the project ideas we are interested in and would be eager to test in regard to different neuromodulation means:

1. tDCS

- measurement! Can it be run with simultaneous measurement of EEG activity without damaging the sensor and producing meaningful data? Currently available tDCS kits provide no real time feedback spare for StarStim which is way too expensive

- metabolic level - how does it change under anode and cathode after tDCS?

- interaction of tDCS with other neurostimulation means including light and low induction TMS

- interaction of tDCS with nootropics (such as ampakines like piracetam) or ergotropics (such as modafinil and bromantane) for those already using such drugs, including localised delivery of such drugs via electrophoresis (note that there are also magneto/laser- and phonophoresis possibilities to consider in the future)

2. tACS/tRNS (transcranial random noise stimulation)

- can the benefits of both tDCS and tACS be gained if monophasic pulsed current is used?

- the colours of noise in tRNS ! Would they make any difference?

3. Coherent/decoherent light

- does the wavelength (e.g. 810 vs 910 nm, or 632 vs 650 nm) makes much difference and what is it?

- continuous light stimulation versus impulse stimulation with high peak power very short bursts: how would the effects differ?

- continuous versus modulated stimulation: how do we modulate? what are the observed differences?

4. Weak field TMS (also called LiTMS - low induction TMS in some sources)

- do God Helmet, "octopus", "shakti" and other Dr. Persinger's stimulation protocols actually work?

- what other signals can be applied, and how

- reproducing "Zhadin effect" (see as a starting reading material) at Hackspace - can we do it?

- generally, checking whether the KT (Bolzmann constant x temperature) thermodynamic limitation for biologic effects of weak magnetic fields withstands! ( is a good challenge starter!)

5. Other

- record and replay! Can a specific state-associated EEG recording from a selected area induce or promote this state if replayed back to the same area of the same or different person as electric or magnetic signal?

- producing software capable of using ERP's (Evoked Response Potentials) with simple and cheap BCI like the Mindwave or TSK sensors

- delivering nootropics closer to their intended place of action via electrophoresis using current (DC or monophasic pulses) with synergistic effects

- investigating other neurostim modalities such as ultrasound (can currently test 44 and 880 kHz) and SHF up to terraHz range