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Hackspace Unknown.png
Model Cisco Catalyst 3560G
Sub-category Networking
Status Good working order
Last updated 18 September 2018 20:04:15
Accessories Cat5 patch leads
Training requirement no
Origin Network Fairies
Location first floor comms room
Maintainers sysadmin team
  • ( (Telnet - will set up SSH at some point)
  • Core switch - connected to Boole and Landin
Port(s) Type VLAN Connected To
1-4 Gigabit Copper trunk Access Points
5-16 Gigabit Copper Cameras(30) IP Cameras
17-20 Gigabit Copper ACnode(40) Ports for ACNodes/Doorbots
21-24 Gigabit Copper Servers(20) General Server-ish stuff
25-28 Gigabit Copper Trunk Blanton LACP (port-channel 2 on switch)
29-32 Gigabit Copper Trunk Landin LACP (port-channel 1 on switch)
33-34, 37-38, 40-48 Gigabit Copper Trunk General Trunk Ports
35-36 Gigabit Copper Trunk LACP (group 4) Trunk for cnc workshop uplink
39-40 Gigabit Copper Trunk LACP (group 3) Trunk for wood workshop uplink

49-52 Gigabit SFP Trunk General Trunk Ports