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Sedgwick Table Saw
Model TA315
Sub-category Woodworking
Last updated 9 August 2019 08:02:31
Consumables Saw blades
Accessories Guard, gantry, push stik
Training requirement yes
ACnode yes
Owner Hackspace
Origin Donation
Location Woodshop
Maintainers Stephen O'Brien, Simon Hewison, Phil Roy

Sedgwick Table Saw

It's big and it's blue and it cuts wood. This is a placeholder page.

Turn on the central extractor and ensure it's connected before using the table saw.

Always leave the table saw clean, with guard in place, and riving knife fitted. Always leave the push stick conveniently located.

Informal tool induction - just approach a maintainer and show you can use a table saw, the maintainer will show you the quirks of this particular saw.

If you haven't used a table saw before, watch this to learn the dangers of kickback:

Always use the central sawdust extraction when using this table saw. Always ensure that the extraction bin is locked into position before turning on the central sawdust extraction.