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Gas Supplies Mig
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Status Out of consumables
Last updated 22 December 2016 15:30:26
Consumables fas
Training requirement no

The process is that we can claim one cylinder MIG and TIG a month for small one of jobs if you are doing a larger project you should pay for a refill yourself

If you do refill it under the banner of consumables you need to inform the metal bashers mailing list!topic/london-hackspace-metal-working-group/M58RVPt2ifw

and then claim it from the hackspace treasurer

Gas to be ordered from .... when ordering make sure to give them the gate code and put it out on the lift landing and tell them this

You should only order gas if you have been assessed and are on the list

London Gases 25 - 29 Stacey Avenue London N18 3PE

Telephone: 020 8807 4633 (Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm)