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This is a page to develop ideas for an induction programme for new members and a re-orientation programme for old members

What the London Hackspace is/isn't


A community

The hackspace is a social group first : it can't exist without a number of people working together to finance and maintain it. If the community doesn't prosper, neither will the hackspace.

Your community

You can't benefit from a community without contributing to it. Not just financially, but in creating goodwill, pooling your skills and knowledge and doing your bit in maintenance and repair.


This building

This is the fourth building used by the hackspace. Only a tiny fraction of members can be present at a time : the real hackspace community is composed of everyone helping pay and organise it. The people online have just as much right to an opinion as those in the physical workshop.

Tool library

One of the aims of the hackspace is to provide tools that would not be economical for a person to own personally, either because of their cost, or in justifying their storage space. But the tools have to be available - not lent out to someone. Please don't take any hackspace tools off the premises, and always put them back in the proper place when you have finished your job.

Co-working space

You can conduct commercial business from the hackspace, using the space, tools and other facilities. But you can't monopolise seats or tables over other users, you can't register a company address there, you can't set up a special area just for your work, and you can't spend long periods on the phone, disturbing other members.

Managed Serviced Workshop

If you make a mess, you clean it up. If you create some waste, take a bin bag to the skip. Just because you think your project is cool doesn't mean that your project is too cool to be cleaned up or taken away at a reasonable time. Unreasonable complaining about a tool such as the laser cutter being out of service without the understanding that it's being worked on by unpaid volunteers is insulting to other members, especially to those that make the effort in turning the London Hackspace into a vibrant little community.

Free Wifi cafe

You're welcome to bring individual friends into the hackspace, show them the facilities and stay to chat. But don't overdo it - a regular table full of visitors who aren't members will unfairly monopolise space and cause distraction for legitimate users. Be considerate.

Your home

Other people with different levels of comfort, cleanliness, and decorum are using the space alongside you. This isn't your home, this is a community you are a part of.

Rules and Expected Behaviour

6. There is no rule 6.

The Workshop

  • Basic safety
  • Tool use and care