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[???@??? ~]$ cd
[???@??? ~]$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
BDI Debugger for Embedded PowerPC

PHYS  <address>              converts an effective to a physical address
MD    [<address>] [<count>]  display target memory as word (32bit)
MDD   [<address>] [<count>]  display target memory as double word (64bit)
MDH   [<address>] [<count>]  display target memory as half word (16bit)
MDB   [<address>] [<count>]  display target memory as byte (8bit)
DUMP  <addr> <size> [<file>] dump target memory to a file
MM    <addr> <value> [<cnt>] modify word(s) (32bit) in target memory
MMD   <addr> <value> [<cnt>] modify double word(s) (64bit) in target memory
MMH   <addr> <value> [<cnt>] modify half word(s) (16bit) in target memory
MMB   <addr> <value> [<cnt>] modify byte(s) (8bit) in target memory
MC    [<address>] [<count>]  calculates a checksum over a memory range
MV                           verifies the last calculated checksum
RD    [<name>]               display general purpose or user defined register
RDUMP [<file>]               dump all user defined register to a file
RDSPR <number>               display special purpose register
RDSR  <number>               display segment register
RDVR  [<number>]             display vector register
RM    {<nbr>|<name>} <value> modify general purpose or user defined register
RMSPR <number>   <value>     modify special purpose register
RMSR  <number>   <value>     modify segment register
RMVR  <nbr><val val val val> modify vector register (four 32bit values)
ICACHE <addr | set>          display L1 inst cache content (only MPC83xx/755)
DCACHE <addr | set>          display L1 data cache content
DTLB <from> [<to>]           display data TLB entry (only MPC83xx)
ITLB <from> [<to>]           display inst TLB entry (only MPC83xx)
L2CACHE <addr | set>         display L2 cache content (only 750FX/GX)
UPMR <MxMR> <MDR> <addr>     read selected UPM array
RESET [HALT | RUN [time]]    reset the target system, change startup mode
BREAK [SOFT | HARD]          display or set current breakpoint mode
GO    [<pc>]                 set PC and start target system
TI    [<pc>]                 trace on instuction (single step)
TC    [<pc>]                 trace on change of flow
HALT                         force target to enter debug mode
BI  <addr>                   set instruction hardware breakpoint
CI  [<id>]                   clear instruction hardware breakpoint(s)
BD  [R|W] <addr>             set data watchpoint via DABR (DABR[BT]=0)
BDT [R|W] <addr>             set data watchpoint via DABR (DABR[BT]=1)
CD  [<id>]                   clear data watchpoint(s)
INFO                         display information about the current state
LOAD   [<offset>] [<file> [<format>]] load program file to target memory
VERIFY [<offset>] [<file> [<format>]] verify a program file to target memory
PROG   [<offset>] [<file> [<format>]] program flash memory
                                      <format> : SREC, BIN, AOUT or ELF
ERASE  [<address> [<mode>]]  erase a flash memory sector, chip or block
                   <mode>  : CHIP, BLOCK or SECTOR (default is sector)
ERASE  <addr> <step> <count> erase multiple flash sectors
UNLOCK [<addr> [<delay>]]    unlock a flash sector
UNLOCK <addr> <step> <count> unlock multiple flash sectors
FLASH  <type> <size> <bus>   change flash configuration
DELAY  <ms>                  delay for a number of milliseconds
HOST   <ip>                  change IP address of the host
PROMPT <string>              defines a new prompt string
CONFIG                       display or update BDI configuration
CONFIG <file> [<hostIP> [<bdiIP> [<gateway> [<mask>]]]]
HELP                         display command list
BOOT  [loader]               reboot the BDI and reload the configuration
QUIT                         terminate the Telnet session

- TARGET: processing user reset request
- BDI asserts HRESET
- Reset JTAG controller passed
- Bypass check: 0x00000001 => 0x00000001
- JTAG exists check passed
- COP status is 0x01
- Check running state passed
- BDI scans COP freeze command
- BDI removes HRESET
- Target PVR is 0x80811014
- COP status is 0x05
- Check stopped state passed
- Check LSRL length passed
- BDI sets breakpoint at 0xFFF00100
- BDI resumes program execution
- Waiting for target stop passed
- TARGET: Target PVR is 0x80811014
- TARGET: resetting target passed
- TARGET: processing target startup ....
- TARGET: processing target startup passed
BDI>erase 0xff800000 chip
Erasing flash at 0xff800000
Erasing flash passed
BDI>prog 0xfff00000 u932/ppcboot
Programming u932/ppcboot , please wait ....
Programming flash passed
BDI>prog 0xff810000 u932/zImage
Programming u932/zImage , please wait ....
Programming flash passed
BDI>prog 0xff940000 u932/r1.1/ramdisk
Programming u932/r1.1/ramdisk , please wait ....
Programming flash passed