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Table Saw Wadkins

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Wadkin Tilting Arbor Sawbench
Wadkins Table Saw Fence.jpg
Model Wadkin 10 AGS
Sub-category Woodworking
Status Under construction
Last updated 20 December 2015 23:26:27
Consumables Blades
Accessories Mitre fence
Training requirement yes
ACnode no
Owner Dean Forbes (Long Term Loan)
Origin Dean Forbes
Location Woodshop
Maintainers PLAYWOOD

This was bought for use by the woodwork crew Matthew de rusted it, many people helped wire it up Saif, Tom, Andrew, Justin and others. Will and Felix lead the initiative to raise funds for the accessories

It is a great tool but should be treated with respect and only used if you consider yourself competent and have been inducted on this machine.

We're currently putting together a draft induction page.

Will found a PDF copy of the manual, which can be read here: