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I'm a PhD (well, EngD) student at the University of Bath but working in collaboration with a VFX company in London (Double Negative). I try to make it to the hackspace whenever I can, work permitting!

Currently working on a 'magical' clock as a gift. The clock will tell the owner whereabouts I am (i.e. Work / Train / Pub etc) via a mobile app/AI/twitter and Facebook hook ins. Hardware-wise, it consists of a Raspberry Pi connected to a USB mobile broadband stick and stepper/servo motor. The last part is the bit that's giving me the most trouble - if you see me in the hackspace I'll probably be trying to figure out a smart and cheap way of pointing a hand to a location on the clock face.

I'll be writing up the project with photos and code on my blog as soon as I get a chance (which is always 'next' weekend!)