2013 August Open Day

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The London Hackspace is a non-profit, community-run hacker space in central London. We provide a space where people who make things can come to share tools and knowledge.

This year we ambitiously moved into our new, much larger space on Hackney Road, and we need to add more excellence. On the 18th of August we'll be opening our doors to the public to show off our new digs again.

Come by if you're thinking of becoming a member, if you want to see what London Hackspace is about, or if you just want to have a drink and a chat. We'll have:


  • A bar selling beer?
  • A BBQ in our yard?
  • The amazing LHS Bikeshed spaceship-simulator-in-a-caravan?
  • Liquid nitrogen ice cream and demos?
  • Biohackers serving DNA daiquiris?
  • Some Music Hackspace devices (details here, more tbc)
  • Some Robots and quadcopters from Not Just Arduino crowd (more tbc)
  • Brewing beer, outside in the loading bay.


Sunday 18th August, 13:00 'til late?


Where Else?!

447 Hackney Road, London E2 9DY


Everyone is welcome, members and non-members - bring a friend or two!


You can just turn up. Social Media Links Coming soon?.


See: Planning