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[[File:Centur12.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Heavy duty mill lathe combo]]
#REDIRECT [[Equipment/LatheMillCombo]]
London Hackspace has a [http://www.chesteruk.net/products/detail/12 Chester Centurion 3-in-1 500mm lathe/mill/drill]. This is a useful tool for tasks which are too large for our mini mill & lathe.
contact:  Steve, Ian, [[User:deanforbes|Dean]], [[User:Russ|Russ]] or just ping the mailing list
==Mailing List==
This is a dangerous machine, and is perfectly capable of causing serious injury. For this reason, you must be trained to use it. It's fitted with a key-switch emergency stop so that only keyholders can switch it on.
More information on [[Lathe Training]].
Please list here your projects
* Metal Syringe [[User:deanforbes| Dean]]
[[File:Centurion_oiling.png|thumb|500px|right|Oiling schedule from manual]]
Oiling is critical to keeping the 3-in-1 in a good condition. The machine must be oiled before and after every use. The slideways should be oiled with slideway oil, and all other parts should be oiled with general-purpose machine oil.
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