447 CCTV

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State of the systems as we found them

There are at least 3 systems:

Three cameras on the outside back wall facing the Yard and back door, connected to 2 monitors, one inside the back door and one on the ground floor by the lift, both black & white. There is a small control box on top of the monitor by the back door, no DVR or anything fancy, not know if the cameras are colour.

One camera on the wall above the stairs to the basement connected to a single monitor above the counter, dosn't seem to be a control box. Colour, good quality and a nice camera, PAL.

At least 6 small cameras on the ground floor connected to an 8 channel controller and a TV in the small office area behind the counter. There is also a multi output power supply (12V) attached to the wall in the office that powers the cameras. I've not been able to get it to do anything, needs batteries for the TV's remote.

Picture of the camera PSU, and a really bad pic of one of the cameras.

The cameras are:

  • inside the entrance lobby
  • outside the entrance lobby
  • a connector with no camera outside the entrance lobby
  • on the wall behind the entrance lobby
  • 2 on pillars on the ground floor

Post classroom build state

The ground floor cameras that connected back to the small office are all disconnected since the office was demolished.

The 3 outdoor rear camera are connected to a PCI Card in denning. The camera above the stars at the rear has had it's cable re-terminated, and connected with another bit of cable to denning, this uses up all 4 inputs on the PCI card.

We have zone minder sort of running on denning, could do with some tweaking esp. to archive things nicely etc...

All 3 outdoor cameras in the yard could do with a clean + re-focus.