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Our statutory fire extinguishers should all have labels on with their calibration weight. All of these should be mounted on the wall.

Ground floor: 1x CO2 and 1x 9 litre water fire extinguisher by each exit. Basement: 1x CO2 and 1x 9 litre water by each exit. 1x dry powder in the middle of the room somewhere.

We also keep some old CO2 extinguishers in stock to put near the laser cutter. They're designed to make it easy to put out small fires.

Emergency Exits

We will have three emergency exits in total, one of which serves both basement and ground floor (the back entrance).

For the ground floor:

  • on the far West side: the short stair case, the door leading into 445
  • on the far East side: the back entrance
  • note that the main entrance will NOT function as emergency exit. The shutters will likely be closed most of the time.

For the basement:

  • on the far West side: the short stair case
  • on the far East side: the back entrance, via the stair case to the ground floor

Open Questions

Do we need to reinstate the firehose in the basement? Cf. http://www.lwf.co.uk/bulletin.php?id=132

Further Reading

Applicable regulations: http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/uploads/br/BR_PDF_AD_B2_2010.pdf