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==Things to do==
==Things to do==
* [[447 Hackney Road/Toilets|Refurbish toilets]]: [[User:wyan|wyan]],[[User:CaptainTerrible|TimR]],[[User:jonty|jonty]]
* [[447 Hackney Road/Toilets|Refurbish toilets]]: [[User:wyan|wyan]], [[User:CaptainTerrible|TimR]], [[User:jonty|jonty]]
* Repaint the ground floor
* Repaint the ground floor
* Ground floor ethernet
* Ground floor ethernet

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We're always looking for people to help out making the fabric of the space more awesome. This is the list of the things which need doing.

Top Priority

Things to do

  • Refurbish toilets: wyan, TimR, jonty
  • Repaint the ground floor
  • Ground floor ethernet
  • Power runs to the social area: paddy
  • Reorganise the ground floor layout to make more room: jonty
  • Knock the kitchen through + fit new kitchen