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The Plan

  • Paint.
    • We want a strip of magnetic blackboard paint around the walls, broken by a neutral colour (TBC) at the top and bottom. This needs to be lighter than the current blackhole scheme.
    • Are the walls paintable as is or do we need to prepare them?
      • Paintable as-is. There is flecked paint on the walls but we can't do much with that.
  • Floor.
    • The current vinyl is manky and coming up. We want to tile it.
    • Do we need to use levelling compound before we do this? Who has experience of tiling? What tools do we need?
      • We won't be able to tell for sure until we rip the vinyl up, but it seems unlikely it'll need levelling compound. Tools needed: a trowel, a bucket, and some way of cutting tiles (If we can get hold of an electric diamond tile cutter, this step will be a lot easier). Russ (talk) 17:10, 16 October 2013 (UTC)
  • Plumbing.
    • Does any of the plumbing need work while we're ripping stuff apart? Now is the time.
  • Electrics.
    • The lights in the toilets are awful. We need low energy, bright bulbs in good fittings. The ceilings are very high.
    • The two sections of the toilet are switched seperately. Do we want to keep one/both switch(es) or install PIRs like the kitchen?
  • Cool Things.
    • PIR sensors for space activity heatmap.
    • Toiletcam
    • Small hanging basket with plants near the windows.
  • Hot things
    • a hand dryer in the toilet that's missing one. N.B. Paddy hates them so some other method of hand drying would be nice.

Disabled accessible toilet?

The toilet with the shower has grab handles, but iirc the doors are too narrow to be wheelchair accessible. With the interior walls knocked down and the sink removed it could be made wheelchair accessible.

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