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Power Over Ethernet

This page documents our usage of POE kit.


Name/type Gigabit? Ports Location Comments
PowerDsine 6012 No 12 downstairs kit pile Has a serial port, don't know how to manage it
Phihong POE370U Yes! 16 Quiet room rack code to manage it here: https://github.com/londonhackspace/phihong , It's connected to booch and can be managed from there.
Cisco 3560 No 24 Basement Rack, hostname cisco-poe
Dlink P1012 No 12 downstairs kit pile Manageable with Ethernet, not setup.

Phi Hong (Quietroom midspan) ports

For the inputs: a plain number is Equipment/Cisco2, and 3com is the Equipment/3com1. For the outputs a plain number is on the top 2 patch panels (which are numberd 1 to 48), and 3-something is on the bottom patch panel, otherwise it's directly connected without going through a patch panel.

x = not used.

Input Switch port Midspan Port Output Patch Panel port Notes
3 1 ap1 (Quietroom AP) - direct
4 2 42 -> classroom ceiling -> ap2
3com-3 3 Booch direct
x 4 x
x 5 x
3com-13 6 37 -> backdoorbot
x 7 x
3com-41 8 41 -> classroom ceiling -> classroomcam
3com-9 9 3-9  ?mainroomcam?
x 10 x
x 11 x
22 12 48 electronics area, why is this poe? (I probably have the wrong port)
44 13 13 pillar near shower -> phone on black desks
3com-37 14 3-12 by tesla -> tesla phone
x 15 x
32 (?) 16 44 cleaning cupboard, one day we hope to have the PIR's wired up...


currently running

  • ap1 and ap2, both upstairs, powered by the Phihong POE370U
  • Mainroomcam
  • classroomcam
  • (backdorbot)
  • booch
  • many ip phones around the space for Project:VOIP

not yet installed

  • Arduino + DMX shield
  • acnodes x ?