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(the 3560 has been upgraded.)
(the 24 port cisco switch is in the basement rack)
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|Cisco 3560
|Cisco 3560
|24 (?)
|Not installed yet
|Basement Rack, hostname cisco-poe
|Dlink P1012
|Dlink P1012

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Power Over Ethernet

This page documents our usage of POE kit.


Name/type Gigabit? Ports Location Comments
PowerDsine 6012 No 12 downstairs kit pile Has a serial port, don't know how to manage it
Phihong P370U Yes! 16 Quiet room rack code to manage it here: https://github.com/londonhackspace/phihong
Cisco 3560 No 24 Basement Rack, hostname cisco-poe
Dlink P1012 No 12 Downstairs Rack Manageable with Ethernet, not setup.


currently running

  • ap1 and ap2, both upstairs, need Gigabit! currently configures to 100Mbit/full due to auto-neg issues
  • Mainroomcam
  • classroomcam
  • perlman (backdorbot)
  • booch

not yet installed

  • Arduino + DMX shield
  • 2 x ip phones.
  • acnodes x ?