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Hackspace members' amateur radio callsigns.

If you're struggling to find a callsign, you might want to check out the most recent list of available callsigns. If this is out of date, you may want to do a run - but check with Mark beforehand.

The London Hackspace Radio Club's callsign that members can use is M0HSL, (full recognition by Ofcom).

Full Licence Holders

  • Martin - G4GRS
  • JJ - G6VZM, 9H4JJ
  • Matt - G7SII
  • Mike M - G7TOU
  • Spike - G8IPN
  • Dominic - M0DLX
  • Wyan - EA4FYQ, M0GXD
  • Bill - M0HFM
  • Alec Wright - M0TEI
  • Paul - M0OKE
  • ChrisW (bigcw) - M0NCW
  • Jon Fautley - M0NGY
  • Kraptv - M0RYS, N0RYS
  • Steve - M0BPQ

Intermediate Licence Holders

Foundation Licence Holders