Amateur Radio/Foundation Course April 2014

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This is a Foundation Licence Course being run Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th April 2014.


To take this course and the exam, you will need the following:

  • A copy of the latest edition of Foundation Licence - NOW!
    • This will be supplied as part of the course.
  • A current passport, photo ID driving licence, or other legal document showing name, photo, printed name and signature
    • If you're under 16, you must let us know in advance as we'll require signed documentation from a parent/guardian
  • £40 course fee (payable in advance, you'll have information on how to pay the fee in your 'course acceptance' email.) This must be paid no later than 27th March.
  • A basic, silent, non-programmable (ideally scientific) calculator
  • Pens/Pencils, including a black pen for the exam
  • Something to take notes on (paper, iPad, slate, etc.)


  • MattP - G7SII
  • tgreer - 2E0MRV
  • SamuelK - 2E0SKF
  • Paul2 - M0OKE (Sunday Only)
  • Mentar - Lead Invigilator
  • Detonate - Second Invigilator


  • Mat Stace
  • Will Green
  • Tom Sommersell
  • Morris Webb
  • Rob Kam
  • Lauren Hutchinson
  • Luis Garcia
  • Alice Johnson
  • Dean Forbes
  • Steven Hodges
  • Dave Lambley
  • Vladimir Lushnikov