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* [[User:Renski|Renski]] - Can no longer make it, be interested if it comes around again.
* [[User:Renski|Renski]] - Can no longer make it, be interested if it comes around again.
* [[User:Hypnoeyes|M]]
* [[User:Hypnoeyes|M]] <-- can definitely make it, hoping to get on the 10th. Awaiting to hear more.. ?
* [[User:Glen|Glen]]
* [[User:Glen|Glen]]
* Anish
* Anish

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There are 3 levels of RSGB licensing, the first is foundation. Having found an instructor (Chris Driver of Verulam Amateur Radio Club, who's generously offered to instruct the course for free), we'll be running a course on the 10th and 17th of september with the exam to follow on the first of october. We can only take 8 people and the course is now full. The cost will be £32.50 including the exam fee


I (alecjw) have put my copy of "Foundation License Now" and "Amateur Radio Explained" in the hackspace library. The former is essential reading for the course, and it's a good idea to read the latter too. Feel free to sign either of them out and give them a read. I may have marked them as reference only, but just ignore that. I'm also going to put the RSGB revision/exam secrets guide in the library.






If you'd like to help out, please put your name down here!

  • Phil Roy
  • Mark Stanhope
  • G4GRS (he doesn't know he's volunteered yet)