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State of the Trailer Mast


New tyres and tubes on the wheels.
Brakes need inspected.
Left side Hub needs looking at (after the wheel fell off during transit)


Wheel arches have been removed. These need measured and remade.
2/3 of the chassis has been ground down to bare metal and painted. The last 1/3 needs ground down and painted.
It all needs another coat or two.


Trailer electrics need redone: New lights, new cable, new plug. This will be done when the main chassis is complete.


Mast needs stripped down and cleaned and regressed and the new seals fitted and the whole thing put back together again.
We need to take measurements (tgreer to confirm which ones), so we can order the new seals.
Need to paint the mast once we're putting it back together.


Box needs scraped/painted.
Engine needs looked at and made to run again.
Compressor we believe is fine but we might want to check.
Control valve needs checked to ensure it's ok before it's mounted back on the chassis.

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