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Repeaters that Hackspace members can get to (even if it's RX only). Further UK repeaters can be found at

The TX quoted here is the TX of the repeater, so if you want to listen to it, set your radio to the first value.

Please note that while some Radios start with the TX value and program the offset , other radios start with RX value. In those cases Offset direction would have to be changed.


Location: Harrow
TX: 433.3500 MHz
RX: 434.9500 MHz (offset +1.6 MHz)
CTCSS: 82.5Hz
Location: Caterham
TX: 439.6750 MHz
RX: 430.6750 MHz (offset -9 MHz)
CTCSS: 82.5Hz
Location: Buckhurst Hill, Essex
TX: 430.950 MHz
RX: 438.550 MHz (offset +7.6 MHz)
CTCSS: 82.5 Hz


Location: London
TX: 145.600 MHz
RX: 145.000 MHz (offset -0.6 MHz)
CTCSS: 82.5Hz
Location: Amersham
TX: 145.7375 MHz
RX: 145.1375 MHz (offset -0.6 MHz)
CTCSS: 77.0Hz
Location: Morden
TX: 145.6875 MHz
RX: 145.0875 MHz (offset -0.6 MHz)
CTCSS: 82.5Hz
Location: North London
TX: 145.7750 MHz
RX: 145.1750 MHz (offset -0.6 MHz)
Tone: 1750Hz Burst
Location: Reading
TX: 145.6750 MHz
RX: 145.0750 MHz (offset -0.6 MHz)
CTCSS: 118.8Hz