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Borg is a virtual host server to be used to give members access to virtual machines in the space and ultimately replace many if not all the functions of Babbage.


We are naming this machine after Anita Borg. Also the Borg.


Currently the machine is not built. Please find Tgreer to get access to it.


To be confirmed.


To be confirmed. We will most likely take an IP range so that we know those IPs are coming from a virtual machine.




It is reasonable to say the birth of Borg has been long and difficult, the discussion has generally rolled around the 3 areas:

  1. Use
  2. Cost
  3. Space

Each have been discussed on the mailing list but for summary.


Borg will have the following uses:

  • Shell accounts for members
  • Virtualising random machines in the space
  • Processing of cams


Much of the cost will be wrapped up in the extra energy consumption. This can offset by the retiring of other machines in the space. It has also been agreed that if it takes up more than 275W regularly then a decision about Borgs future will have to be made. If it goes over 300W we will have to re-think our strategy. These figures are a maximum and equate to about £27 per month in electricity costs. The power consumption will be regularly measured and anyone is welcome to report power consumption issues.


Taking up space in the main room or quiet room is clearly out of the question our 2 options are:

  1. Store cupboard/ex-toilet next to the darkroom/bio room.
  2. Toilets

A decision will be made soon.

Possibly uses

Please list any machines/uses you think would benefit from virtualisation.

  • Shell accounts (from Babbage)
  • Cam processing (from Babbage)
  • Cross-compiling environment (from Lovelace)

Current uses

Please keep this list up to date of virtual machines on Borg. If a machine is created but is not in this list it is liable to be switched off without warning.

Name Use Owner
Example1 For displaying an example item in this table. Please be descriptive. Cotten Eye Joe

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