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The inaugural Board Gamesday, was on the Saturday 28th May 2011 in the quiet room from 13:30.

The plan

Take over the quiet room, play games, drink.

Games being brought

Please add who you are and what you're thinking of bringing (it just means that we don't end up with 50 copies of Catan).


  • Settlers of Catan, with 5-6 player expansion (unless spooq wants to bring his copy with Cities & Knights)
  • Illuminati, with Y2K expansion
  • citadels
  • fluxx, because it's quick and brainless
  • possibly some other stuff depending on my mood
  • arkham horror and 2 of the big box addons (i dont have the 3rd one and the shop near me doesnt have it in stock :/) - tomw
  • chrononauts (because its small enough to fit in my pocket) - tomw
  • mwuhahahah - tomw
  • perudo, aquarius, the great dalmuti - mattp from 1415 ish


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