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Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Saturday 13 November

Information from Diamond

"Please arrive at the main entrance to the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) about 15 minutes before your due to start [that's 1:45pm at the latest -- Tom] and you will be directed to Diamond House. Please also make sure you have read the advice/information section about the visit on our website

"If you require directions to the site, you can visit this page

"Refreshments are usually provided by a local charity so it would be useful to have change with you."

Public transport times

According to Traveline, an 11:50am train from Paddington, followed by a bus, will get you there just after 1:00pm. Unfortunately, they are also hourly, so it would be risky to try the later train. Tickets are £20 return.

Lift-sharing etc


Matt Platts - will pick up from and and drop off to Reading railway station, four seats available.
nigle - Heading from Ealing, Meet here at 12:00 there are 3 2 0 seats available.


A lift to/from Feltham, Reading or Didcot Parkway would be handy. Andy

I'm getting a lift with nigle, above, now. – Andy

If there are any seats left in the car Andy's travelling in, can haz? Graeme

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