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On January the 29th - 30th, the Hackspace hosted a gamejam. And this is what they made:

State of Play

We got a quick playable concept for a Flash game made. You're a forever-running man, trying to collect coloured shapes from creatures to make yourself 'whole', without losing them to other creatures. You can jump or double-jump using the Up arrow key, and crouch using Down (though maybe some other movement would be better as KommanderKlobb suggested, a forward roll maybe?). No level designs yet, just a bunch of creatures who move towards you to test the mechanics. It's over very quickly, but you can play it here, refreshing the page if you want another go. You also might need to click the game window to initialise the buttons first.


I started building a SMS based space trading game. Buy low, sell high, wait long periods of time for your ship to cross the galaxy, that kind of thing. It was to be entirely played via SMS, with an average travel time of a few days. The backend was (half) built in Django. But the SMS frontend did get working, with the kind assistance of Mark and his dongle. The lovely side effect of this should soon be SMS capabilities for robonaut.


I slapped together a quick shooter prototype. Rather than shooting enemies, your goal is to charge and launch a ball that can destroy both enemies and their bases. The ball will bounce off the environment, meaning there's ample room for both tactical brilliance and total disaster. You charge the ball using your trusty laser whip, which will also keep enemies at a distance. There's just one level and incredibly rough prototype graphics, but it works. Play it here!


We were very tired, but we managed to scrape together a few ideas while journeying on the overground. We created a rhythm game, which had a few spinning discs, horrible poly-rhythms and some animals textured with train seat textures. It was probably a pretty accurate rendition of what the inside of our heads looked like at that point - so it at least succeeded in that sense. I'm currently calling it "Tortune". At one point it had a 2 player mode, which was loads of fun - but you couldn't see the train animals, so we took it out.


I made a 2 player VS shooter with Ashley Gwinnell - I was coding, he was doing everything else. The idea is that both players shoot in the same direction, but there is a network of ever-changing widgets - mirrors, t-splitters etc, which receive the shots and modify their direction / multiply them. The plan is that you'll have to kill waves of enemies and pick up the stuff they drop without getting shot.. Screenshot here!


Very belated, and with a few additional hours to add actual gameplay elements after the Jam, here's my very simple avoid the pointy things game. Scoring is time-based, and multipliers increase if you stay still. Death is inevitable :-P

Dropbox'd zip

Caveats: It's XNA, so you may need the 3.1 redistributable from here. There's no sound.

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