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The London Hackspace is a non-profit, community-run hacker space in central London. We provide a space where people who make things can come to share tools and knowledge.

Our spacewarming party in August was a massive success, with more than 150 people dropping by, so we've decided to have another open day on November 7th.

This is a great chance for interested non-members to check out our space, but also for everybody to get to know like-minded hackers, discuss projects and techniques, and generally just hang out and have a beer.


Our space in Hoxton, a stone's throw from Hoxton Overground station and 10 minutes walk from Old Street. For details, see Getting There.


Sunday 7th November 2010, 13:00 until late.

Come around 18:00 if you don't plan to stay long.


Everyone is welcome, members and non-members - bring a friend!


You can mark yourself as attending and invite friends on Facebook if you want. Or just turn up.



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