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We've just signed the lease on our new workshop in Shoreditch, spitting distance from Hoxton station (and about 10mins from Old Street).

To celebrate we're having a party/open evening on the 1st of August. Come along and see what the fuss is about!

We're still short of monthly income to cover the rent in the new space, so if you like it we hope you'll subscribe :).


We're having a spacewarming party to celebrate the opening of our new space in Hoxton. This is a great chance for interested non-members to have a look at the space, but also for everybody to get to know like-minded hackers with similar or completely different interests, discuss projects and techniques, and generally just hang out and have a beer.


Sunday 1st August 2010 at 14:00 until late


Our space in Hoxton

Unit 24
Cremer Business Centre
37 Cremer Street
London E2 8HD

There's a video feed set up in one of the larger rooms.


Everyone is welcome, members and non-members - bring a friend!


If you're on Facebook, please take a second to sign up to the Facebook Event Also feel free to RSVP on the Upcoming event page if you don't use Facebook


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