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We're still debating the relative merits of "sell it all via an eBay auction" vs "allow members/people we know/anyone to purchase directly". This sums it up:

<Kal> I've put my name down on the wiki to buy some of the lcd screens, what sort of prices would be reasonable for a member like myself?
<martind> check ebay
<martind> we're mostly looking to make money for the space out of this
<martind> if we can save hassle by selling them directly that's good, but we don't want it to be massively cheaper than through an auction
<martind> if anything see it as an incentive for a donation :)

  • When a member buys an item on ebay, then advantages are: 1) the price is established in a transparent and fair way, 2) the member gets to leave feedback for londonhackspace ebay account, encouraging future bidders. Disadvantage: ebay fees. AndyE
  • Since many items are available in duplicate, another method is to sell one to set the price, then offer further examples at the same price to members (bypassing ebay). Disadvantage: no feedback, but generating a bunch of artificial feedback is pretty easy anyway .. and hence of low value. Artag


2 matching ldc's (wide or standard)


I'd like one or more of of the USB drives please. Willing to bid 35 quid each for two - is that fair ?

Maybe a drive rack - interested in reliability so could be a 4x or 8x rack to make a TB of RAID. Don't much care about the performance so would choose a low end one if quieter or lower power. Maybe even that type with two spaces for IDE and some SATA cables.


1 x 1U server:

I plan on taking the motherboard + ram + cpu's from F2 and swapping it with a P or G class 1U machine. Probably G class since they are AMD based as well.

  • must have
    • 2 cores
    • NX bit support
    • VT bit support (hardware virtualisation)
    • sata
    • 1Gb of ram
    • mounting rails
  • would be nice to have
    • 4Gb + ram
    • plain sata interface (i.e. no pseudo raid or hardware raid)
    • serial console support in the bios or some other management thing.


  • 2x LCD's (haven't decided which yet, will have to come in and have a look)


  • SATA (or PATA if there are any) HDDs, at least two would be nice.
  • USB caddy for the above - are they being sold as external HDDs together? I'll just have that if its ok

(* LCDs if there are any returns)


has purchased server E3 on ebay. Will collect it from the space.


Looking to pick up one box with lots of disk drive slots and SATA for those slots. Ideally just caddies; would be willing to pay up to £100. If there's something not quite up to eBay spec (slightly dodgy or anything) I'll absolutely go for that.

Ricky Hewitt


Wants a server with as many sata disks as possible, he'll be paid on the 21st.

Has reserved D1.

Bob / b3cft

I have someone who is potentially interested in 5 -> 6 servers.

Do we have a standard/approved price etc.?