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Item list

(maybe a google docs spreadsheet would be better?)

Thing Amount Est sales price
SCA Drive 73 Gb Many 35-52 quid (inc p&p)
SATA drive XGB Many ?


All equipment will be sold on the brand new LHS eBay account.

Auction template

We should have a template to use for the auctions, containing all the common information. Feedback from various people, to incorporate in the template text;

From Mike Harrison:

[Quick comments on ebay listings from a seasoned ebayer

Specify pick-up location a bit more specifically - London is a big place, also specify possible
pickup times, and  emphasise pickup only in the listing text in big letters.

Just copy & pasting manufacturers blurb with no additional info looks bad, especially for a
zero-feedback seller - to instil some more confidence add a line or two about who you are & where
kit has come from - not specific, just that it's a donated bulk lot from a  working environment or

And add an 'about me' page.

In that vein, it might be worth adding some background i.e. donated by, maybe a link to the hackspace, explain the good cause, etc.


<aden>	we probably should have bough tsome stuff on ebay to get feeback too, nobody is going to bid on a 0 feedback seller
<Paul2>	yeah 0 feedback 'hack' in the seller name. 1 line desciption. LOOKS LEGIT @@@@@
<jontyw>	I'm also not sure that we should be selling seven monitors in one batch, it's MUCH better to just have "7 available"

I will have a stab at starting a template in a bit --Kevinb456 20:10, 29 November 2010 (UTC)