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Template: ServerTemplate (mostly for manual comments, since hardware info can now be gathered automatically.)

Under review

ID Hardware Info Height (U) CPU Family CPU Speed (GHz) RAM (GB) Disk type Disk slots Has RAID? Has RAID Card Battery Has internal cables? RAID card type Shipping price Photo link Notes
I1 00:e0:81:2b:a5:a0 no ram, has 1U (slimline) fans
B2 00:e0:81:2e:75:52 Sold in one of the first rounds ever, but never picked up. We cancelled it a few months later, ready for auction again.
K1 00:30:48:88:11:6e 1 Intel Pentium 4 3 2 SATA 2 N N N £14 No lid. VGA doesn't seem to work.
M2 00:e0:81:40:41:62 1 Dual-CPU AMD Opteron 2 SATA 4 Y N Y £14 No VGA.
P1 00:30:48:5d:0c:66
P2 00:30:48:5d:0c:b4
P3 00:30:48:61:04:24 SATA
P4 00:30:48:8e:28:4c SATA
P5 00:30:48:5d:0c:12 SATA
C1 00:e0:81:32:77:e5 netbootyboxxy. Don't sell! (Yet.)
B3 TODO SATA (?) no motherboard and no psu.
E1 00:30:48:56:8c:e0 No RAM.
J3 00:e0:81:32:2b:b4 3 SCA 10 y y y LSI MegaRAID DIED, stripped
O1 00:30:48:56:08:7c SATA No RAM.
O2 00:30:48:56:16:ca SATA No RAM.


ID Hardware Info Height (U) CPU Family CPU Speed RAM (GB) Disk type Disk slots Has RAID? Has RAID Card Battery Has internal cables? RAID card type Shipping price Notes

For sale

ID Hardware Info Notes Auction Status


ID Hardware Info Notes Auction
L1 00:e0:81:28:c6:a8 This has two spare 5.25 inch drives. 250826751077

Sold & On hold

Server ID Hardware Info Auction Status
D1 00:30:48:87:ec:a8 Reserved for Ricky Hewitt, will pay & pick it up after 21 April.

Sold & Shipped

ID Hardware Info Notes Auction Status
N5 TODO FAILED - Never booted. Took out RAM, sent to a customer as replacement chassis.
M1 00:e0:81:40:40:80 250826743261
J8 00:e0:81:61:93:e2 The rear fan has failed, and one drive bay may not work. 250826748505
N2 00:e0:81:34:76:3b 250826753554
I1 00:e0:81:2b:a5:a0 One dead drive bay 250801135089 250826282864 Sold & picked up.
N8 00:e0:81:34:6b:c9 250826740880 Sold & picked up
B5 00:e0:81:2b:02:c8 Has a CD drive and spare 3.5 inch front bay. 250826346860 Sold & picked up
J7 00:e0:81:2f:e7:9b 250826745803 Sold & picked up in person.
A2 00:30:48:55:65:d8 250801109663 Sold & shipped
G1 00:e0:81:31:39:b6 Only 4Gb, strip ram from J3? 250801119312 Sold & shipped
G2 00:e0:81:30:e8:e5 Only 4Gb, strip ram from J3? 250801123952 Sold & shipped
G3 00:e0:81:47:b1:31 JasperWallace bought this one
I2 00:e0:81:2f:14:04 Two dead drive bays 250802188140 Sold & shipped
I3 00:e0:81:2f:c1:bd One dead drive bay 250802192129 Sold & shipped
J4 00:e0:81:31:cb:39 250794659089 Sold & shipped
F3 00:e0:81:41:1b:92 250794660803 Sold & shipped
J1 00:e0:81:2f:c1:b6 250797338481 Sold & shipped
F2 00:e0:81:2f:15:cb Only 4Gb, strip ram from J3? slim chance this is the wrong mac 250801112849 Sold & shipped
E3 00:30:48:56:52:ca 250742960711 to a member Paid & collected.
B4 00:e0:81:2f:64:6c 250752269551 Paid via PayPal. Sent via courier.
M4 00:e0:81:43:f4:60 250762275448 Paid via PayPal & collected. Very nice guy, part of CentOS.
F1 00:e0:81:47:b1:50 250762350008 Paid via PayPal & collected.
J2 00:e0:81:32:fa:57 250762351811 Paid in Cash & collected.
B1 00:e0:81:30:e8:42 250762211151 Paid via PayPal & collected.
E2 00:30:48:56:52:92 250762213798 Paid via PayPal. Collected.
J5 00:e0:81:33:7f:b6 a 250762353612 Paid cash, £77. Collected.
J6 00:e0:81:32:bf:3f 250762355270 Paid cash, £51. Collected.
N1 00:30:48:5e:0b:50 250762365261 Paid cash, £117. Collected.
N3 00:30:48:5e:0c:c6 250762367552 Paid cash, £126. Collected.
N4 00:30:48:5e:0c:40 Sold directly to a member Paid cash, £100. Collected.
A1 00:30:48:55:65:dc 250794651347 Sold (to a member), paid via paypal, and collected.
R1 00:e0:81:34:14:03 250794638476 Member, paid cash (£140, incl more RAM) and collected.
H2 00:e0:81:40:da:a9 250794648218 Paid via PayPal. Shipped on 7 April.
Q1 00:e0:81:41:15:00 250794655615 Paid via PayPal. Shipped on 7 April.
F4 00:e0:81:40:4b:06 250794663239 Paid via PayPal. Shipped on 7 April.
M3 00:e0:81:34:1e:12 250762216635 Cancelled, then re-sold to a member.