August2013 Field Day

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An outing of the merry band of LHS amateur radio people, either licensed or otherwise.

This is an initial outing so we can familiarise ourselves with what's required to setup a /P radio station.

Interesting events:


2nd-4th August 2013 (Friday->Sunday).


Dominic has offered a field in Dorset, near Rampisham. This is *just* a field - but it is over the valley from the old Rampisham HF transmitting station, so is a good location to work from.


Required Equipment (radio)

  • A power source
    • Batteries can sort of work, but we need to assume our operating location has no available power. Can we borrow a generator from someone?
      • Apparently Aden and plett both have generators we can borrow.

Required Equipment (non-radio)

  • Tent
  • Sleeping equipment
  • Folding tables/chairs

Available Equipment

We should make a list of what we need, and what we have available.

Dominic has available:

  • IC-706, HF/2m radio, suitable for an HF contest or VHF low power contest
  • Yaesu something, HF radio, suitable for an HF contest
  • VX-5R handheld
  • 2m lightweight beam (10-ele IIRC)
  • few bits of wire + bits to make a small (20m?) dipole
  • 3.7kVA petrol generator

Wiggler has available:

Filbert has available:

  • Yaesu FT-857 w/digimode kit (to interface to a laptop, for data)
  • BuddiPole portable HF antenna (dipole)
    • This has a ~5m mast, which I plan on attaching the Arrow and the Buddipole to. There will be space for additional wires as well.
  • Arrow II Satellite Antenna
  • A couple of handhelds (including 70cm D*Star)
  • MFJ 259b Antenna Analyser (this does HF to ~170Mhz)

Paul Lettington has available:

  • Yeasu FT-450D HF/6m radio
  • multiband 80m-6m wire dipole (will need a mast/tree to tie it to)
  • ProWhip fibreglass HF vertical resonant on 40m, will tune elsewhere, doesn't tune on 20m at home.
  • A couple of handlelds (Icom T8E (6m/2m/70cm), Baofeng UV-3R (2m/70cm))
  • Icom IC-R5 scanner
  • "Pro User 850" generator. Outputs 240v mains at a nominal 650W sustained, 850W peak. On tests at home, it will drive a HF radio transmitting a 50W constant tone, but not 100W
  • spare tents
  • "the internet" (A Tooway 20Mb/s satellite broadband link)

tgreer has:

  • Yaesu FT-8100R 2m/70cm mobile
  • Powermite PSU
  • (loan of) Yaesu FT-817
  • Wouxun UV6D
  • 12m telescopic mast (need to get guy ropes for it)

The Space has:

  • A bunch of Westflex 103 terminated with N connectors at each end
  • A bunch of RG213, probably needs terminating
  • A Diamond 2m/70cm co-linear antenna
  • A half working 40m dipole w/balun
  • Lots of wire for making "random wire" antennas
  • A few handhelds