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Alex Pounds

Backend-focused full stack web developer. Specialising in PHP, Python, and JavaScript, but experienced in most non-Microsoft languages.

Spent 4 years at Last.fm as a web developer, so able to scale out your project as far as necessary. Enjoys helping shape a product direction, so particularly suited to collaborative work as well as implementation.

Patrick Duncan

Extensive experience of installation, administration and troubleshooting all Windows systems from the start to the present, Servers and Clients.
5 years experience of retail systems, all aspects from the tills to the banks.
Fair bit of Cisco experience.
Adobe ACA in Photoshop and Flash. C&G L3 Dreamweaver and graphics. Basic PHP, Javascript and mySql.
20 years experience of component-level electronics troubleshooting/design/etc especially professional audio equipment.
20 years of occasional roadie/sound engineer/AV setup and programming.
Qualified skydiver, rock climber, fluent Russian.

Open to any offers, contact me by email below:


Nin Lil'izi

See linked user page. Desperate for /anything/ she is capable of as now in her 2nd decade of job hunting without any luck so far.

Dave Brown

Experience of near-real-time data capture, normalisation, storage and analysis. The solutions were typically bespoke as the requirements exceeded the capabilities of Commodity Of the Shelf Software on the affordable hardware of the time.

Data processing work has been done on: Windows NT, 2k and 2003; SunOS; Solaris 2.7, 2.8; other OSes since expired.

For the last 15 years, I have worked mainly in C++. Some smaller or older projects have used Perl, C, C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Pascal, Fortran 4, and various assembler and machine codes.

I am a good choice if you have difficult problems to address: as I can research the area; read the code; investigate the problem and propose solutions.

For support tasks on commonly used applications there are probably better people to contract.

I am a moderately competent geek: I use Linux for my personal software development platform, as all the source is available; Windows 7 for my netbook for the convenience; and support my partner's use of Apple laptop and phone.

Please contact me by email to dafidbrown@gmail.com

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