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Awareness Campaigns Log

Please post activities undertaken in furtherance of any awareness campaign so efforts are not duplicated and prospects unduly annoyed!

  • July 2019 Onwards - General Awareness
* 11/9/19 Joe England - emailed:
   Brunel University Robotic Engineering Society
   Brunel University Tech Society
   Brunel University Applied Technologies Society
   Brunel University Crypto Society

  • September 2019 Onwards - Wembley Science, Technology and Makers' Fair as exhibitors
* 30/9/19 Joe England - emailed:
   West of London Astronomical Society
   The Hampstead Scientific Society
   Brunel University Robotic Engineering Society 
   Brunel University Tech Society
   Brunel University Crypto Society
   Brunel University Astronomy Society 
   Imperial College Robotics Society
   Imperial College Bio Engineering Society
   Imperial College Blockchain and Crypto-Technologies Society
   KCL Tech Society
   KCL Robotics Society
   KCL FinTech Society (Financial Technology)
   KCL Space Society -
   KCL Biochemistry Society
   KCL Genetics Society
   LSE Technology Society 
   LSE Machine Learning Society
   LSE Blockchain Society
   LSE Venture Capital Society
   LSE Futuristic Affairs Society
   LSE Innovation in Space Society
   Queen Mary University Biochemistry Society
   UCL Technology Society
   UCL Artificial Intelligence Society
   UCL Blockchain Labs 
   UCL FinTech Society 
   UCL Space Society 
   UCL Biopharma Society
   Society of Model and Experimental Engineers

  • October 2019 Onwards - 19th October 2019 Makers' Day
* 10/10/19 Joe England - emailed:
   Brunel University Digital Society
   Brunel University Design Society
   Brunel University Esports Society
   Brunel University Sci Fi and Fantasy Society
   Brunel University Dungeons and Dragons Society
   Brunel University Anime Society 
   Imperial College Design Engineering
   Imperial College Computing Society 
   Imperial College Software Club
   Imperial College Electrical Engineering Society
   Imperial College Mechanical Engineering Society
   Imperial College Imperial College Chemical Engineering Society
   Imperial College BioChemistry Society
   Imperial College BioMedical Society
   Imperial College Motor (C&G) Society
   Imperial College Physics Society
   Imperial College Chemistry Society
   Imperial College Biology Society
   Imperial College Science Fiction and Fantasy
   Imperial College Entrepreneurs Society 
   KCL Data Science Society
   KCL TEDx KCL Club
   KCL Biomedical Sciences Society
   KCL Bioscience Students' Association
   KCL Maxwell (Physics Society)
   KCL Chemistry Society
   KCL Gaming and Esports (KCLGE) Society
   KCL Anime & Manga Society
   KCL Entrepreneurs Society
   London Metropolitan University Computer Society-BCS Chapter
   London Metropolitan University Life Sciences Society
   LSE Coding Society
   LSE Software Education Society
   LSE Automotive Society
   LSE Beekeeping Society
   LSE Gaming Society
   LSE Entrepreneurs Society
   LSE Speculative Fiction & Table Top Games Society
   LSE Anime and Manga Society
   Middlesex University Natural Sciences Academic Society
   Middlesex University Anime and Manga Society
   Queen Mary University Design Engineering Society
   Queen Mary University Biological Sciences Society
   Queen Mary University BioMedics Society
   Queen Mary University Business and Enterprise Society
   Queen Mary University Chemical Engineering Society
   Queen Mary University Anime Society
   UCL Data Science Society
   UCL Life Science Society
   UCL MedTech Society
   UCL Engineering Society
   UCL TEDx Appreciation Society
   UCL Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society
   UCL Entrepreneurs Society
   UCL Gaming Society
   Boy Scouts of America in London
   8th Holborn Scout Group
   12th Hampstead Scout Group
   17th Holborn Scouts and Guides
   1st City of London Scout Group
   221st North London Scout Group
   15th Wood Green Scout Group
   224 North London Air Scout Group
   Christ Church (Hornsey) Scout Group
   201st Islington Scout Group