Basic Electronics Course

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2012 : Basic Electronics Course

There's an interest in some basic electronics courses, taught by volunteer members to other members.

1) What day would be good for this?

2) What should be taught?

  • How to keep the magic smoke in
  • Simple application of Ohm's law - e.g. how to calculate a resistor for a LED
  • Switching power with microcontrollers - transistors, relays, optos.

(Disclaimer :I don't know if people actually want these. They're based on questions I get asked that imply they don't understand them - artag).

  • Recognising components
  • Soldering
  • Help with chosen projects
  • Reading circuit diagrams
  • Drawing circuit diagrams
  • Understanding current and voltage
  • What components are and what they do (basics, not too in-depth unless more depth requested)
    • Resistors
    • Diodes
    • LEDs
    • Capacitors
    • Inductors
    • Transistors
    • Logic gates
    • Batteries / power supplies
  • Some specific design patterns
    • Decoupling capacitors
    • Bridge rectifiers
    • Protection diodes on relays
    • Simple transistor circuits
      • Using a transistor with an Arduino or other logic output to drive something more powerful

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