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All users of the Biolab must follow the BioLab Usage Guidelines for their own and other user's safety.


Instructions for (a "Blink LED" for easy first transformations)

Instructions for making general stock solutions

For more extensive databases of protocols:

Established Protocols

The protocols we have got working in the Biohackspace:

We also have protocols on our github SOPs page

Untested Protocols

The protocols we would like to get working in the Biohackspace.

Media Recipes


To create a page for a piece of lab equipment fill out this form and make sure you put "Biohacking" as the subcategory.

We also have an array of glassware and consumables.

This site has a directory of service engineers for various biomedical/biochemical equipment:




The reagents we currently have stocked

General Reagents
Reagent Brand Location
Bacto Agar Shelves
Bacto Yeast Extract Shelves
LB broth powder Shelves
TBE buffer x10 Shelves
Sodium Acetate Shelves
Ethidium Bromide Drawers
Tri-Sodium Citrate-2 Water Shelves
Magnesium Chloride Shelves
Calcium Chloride Shelves
Agarose Shelves
Glycerin Shelves
Ampicillin Sodium Salt (powdered) Fridge
Kanamycin Sulphate (powdered) Fridge
IPTG Freezer
Proteinase K 1mg/ml Freezer
DNA (Primers, Plasmids, etc.)
Reagent Description Brand
pUC19 control DNA NEB #N3041A NEB
Q5 Hi-GC enhancer 5x concentrate NEB
Restriction Enzymes
Reagent Cutting Site Brand

See also: Project:Making our own reagents

   link to shopping list G spreadsheet


  • Sigma-Aldrich - Good for custom primers
  • Cole-Parmer
  • Farnell
  • Chang bioscience - pipettes
  • NBSBio - Good for ladders and cheap agarose (only low concentration) NB: Be sure to navigate to NOT, or their payment system doesn't work. Weird. Standard shipping cost is £15
  • Web scientific - Taq and ladder
  • New England Biolabs They sell very cheap taq. We could also look at their restriction enzymes. However atm they won't sell to us as they only sell to universities or registered biolabs. See this post and this post. Once we have all our registrations for LBL sorted we could try again.
  • Thermoscientific - Recommended for good value restriction enzymes. Not tried yet.
  • VWR - Big supplier of chemicals, glassware and various lab stuff. Sounds very positive about selling to the hackspace.
  • Invitrogen We failed their due diligence check. See post here and here. They have cheap TBE.
  • IDT - possible source for primers. Haven't tried them yet.
  • cheaplabstuff (ebay) - Cheap 1.5ml and 15ml tubes in small quantities. Also pasteur pipettes.
  • microsupplies (ebay) - Cheap 5-200ul and 100-1000ul tips by the 1000
  • Cambridge Bioscience - Not yet used, may supply GelRed or GelGreen (enquiry by Bene)

Also see general hackspace suppliers page.