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(Persons with box space to share)
(Persons with box space to share)
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*Andrew Black  s16 b09  - contact me on andrewblackhackspace at gmail.com
==Persons wishing to get box space==
==Persons wishing to get box space==

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Since we have limited space for storage boxes and some people only store a few small items in their boxes, it seems like a good idea to have sharing system.

The details of the sharing will be worked out between the persons involved. If two people sharing a box think they could accomodate a third, small sharer, that'd be awesome too.

You should probably add on a label to the box so others can find your shared box.

N.B. Box storage is for PAYING MEMBERS ONLY

Persons with box space to share

Please add your name to this list if you are willing to share space with another member. Ideally give your box location if known. If you don't know where your box is, I'll (Akki14) endeavor to find the correct location and put it up here.

  • Nigle?
  • Andrew Black s16 b09 - contact me on andrewblackhackspace at gmail.com

Persons wishing to get box space

Put your name on this list if you currently have no box storage space and are looking to share 50% or less of a standard members box.

  • Drrk 08:27, 13 June 2012 (UTC) Sorted
  • Nin Lil'izi For occasional 'mostly' small item storage