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Below is a stock list of brewing consumables. Typically we'd order to brew, but leftovers can be documented here if you don't mind people borrowing. If you do borrow stock, please send the LHS Brewing mailing list a message, and/or offer to replace it.

All grains are usually pre-milled, unless otherwise specified. (We don't have a mill)

In Stock as of 11/02/15

Chocolate Malt 900g 1000 EBC
Chocolate Wheat 300g 800 EBC
Munich 1Kg 15EBC (out of date)
Vienna 0.5kg EBC 10
Roasted Barley 260g EBC 1300
Dark Crystal 600g 240 EBC
Dingemans Aromatic Malt 590g EBC 50
Pale Wheat 500g EBC 3
Crystal Malt 580g EBC 150
Light Crystal 100g EBC 100
Maris Otter (Fawcett) ~10kg (probably nearer 11kg) 5.5EBC 40-50