CCC Camp 2011

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10-14 August 2011. Let's go.

Camp setup/teardown timeline here

People possibly going


Batch booking

Event information here.

more info: twitter, field day, more.

Tickets are now Available

This page gives a breakdown of the different tickets.

Presale tickets are 140 euros which is about 123 quid last time I checked [1]

N.B. although the Opening event and the talk will start on the 10th there will be camping "going on a few days before" (I asked them), so it might be worth trying to hit the morning of the 9th and spending the day setting up and making friends etc.


Our effective options are:

  • Air
  • Train
  • Renting/acquiring a (camper)van.


Well it's called CCC "Camp" for a reason, so get your tents ready. If you have a tent or willing to lend one to a fellow member add your name and tent specs below.

  • Kussic [1 One person test, 1 Two/Three person tent (free)]
  • Jonty [1 Two person tent, 1 Two/Three person tent (free)]
  • Harry [1 Two person tent]
  • Jasper no tent, but spare sleeping bag, also has own camp bed. I might get a tent.
  • If theres a car going I'm up for building a geodesic dome tent out - tomw
  • Also up for building a geodesic - iamdanw
  • SamLR [1 two person tent, if I can find it and it's OK]


We should totally organise a village. Maybe collaborate with the other UK spaces to bring up the numbers a bit?