CCC Camp 2011

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Let's go.

People possibly going

  • Kussic
  • Jontyw
  • Glen2
  • Ms7821
  • Oni
  • Tomwyatt
  • Solexious
  • Wren
  • naxxfish


Batch booking

Event information here.

As of 05/01/2011 there's no information in regards to ticket sales or prices but assume ~€150.


Our effective options are:

  • Air
  • Train
  • Renting/acquiring a (camper)van.


Well it's called CCC "Camp" for a reason, so get your tents ready. If you have a tent or willing to lend one to a fellow member add your name and tent specs below.

  • Kussic [1 One person test, 1 Two/Three person tent (free)]