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The London Hackspace at Ujima House had a classroom on the 1st floor for workshops, training sessions, small events and group engagements.

It could easily held groups of 30-40 with the table and chair arrangement in the configuration below. Without tables, the room can hold easily 60-70.

The desk configuration shown below is ideal for most events: ample power sockets and network connections for workshop attendees with laptops and mobile phone chargers.

We encourage open source meet-ups, women and minority in technology groups, STEM organisations, amateur radio hobbyists, cybersecurity enthusiasts and other similar community groups to use the space.

If you want to use the Hackspace for some organised purpose (as above), please email the london-hack-space mailing list and get your event on the calendar.


Classroom view towards the dry erase board and projector screen
Classroom view from the Instructor POV