Code of Conduct

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This is currently a draft policy pending consensus on the mailing list. Please make any comments there and do not edit this page.

London Hackspace is an inclusive community where all our members and visitors should feel welcome. This policy applies to everyone's conduct on all communication channels (such as IRC and mailing lists), as well as in the Hackspace itself.

  1. It is unacceptable to harass or discriminate against others at the Hackspace for any reason.
  2. Your conduct reflects on the image of the Hackspace as seen by outsiders. Keep all communication civil and keep swearing to a minimum; if you can't make a comment politely and persuasively, don't make it at all.
  3. Trolling is never appropriate and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

If you ignore these guidelines you will initially be warned. Subsequent offences may result in you being banned from the mailing list or IRC. In extreme cases, the trustees may start proceedings under the grievance procedure.

If you witness any un-excellent behaviour by any Hackspace member, please report it to The trustees are powerless if problems aren't reported.