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Not Just Arduino Xmas 2013


Christmas Arduino Tunes


The Xmas 2013's Project is the first Common Project that NJA is going to introduce at the meetup, people are welcome to help and join it. The last meetup we decided what kind of project to introduce and we chose something about Christmas.

The idea is to make a Christmas Tree with some bunch of stuff like:

  • Strip leds
  • Raspberry Pi with Face detection
  • Raspberry pi/Arduino audio detection
  • Some servos to move few small bells ( sound interaction )
  • Small boxes that shakes, moves, speaks, etc..
  • Hack some decoration ( maybe get something at Pound Land and hook it up with Arduino )

What do we need

We need you! We need people to join us the next meeting and help us on this awesome project.

Bring over your ideas, your spare parts to make this amazing project and let's hack it!


What we got:

  • 5 Arduino mini ( special donation from our member ) + another one
  • Tree - Made with two pieces of wood
  • LEDs ( RGB about 50 or more )
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Light sensor

What we missing:

  • Arduino ( we need more? )
  • Servos
  • Someone good at DIY to make Christmas's gift boxes


Here are People that are in the project, please follow the google group as well.

  • Christian Bianchini - Arduino, Camera - 10 Pounds
  • Faraz Sayed
  • Merche Oli
  • Tak Tran - Leds
  • Paul MAidment - Leds, Arduino - 10 Pounds
  • Sean Olufunwa
  • Dante Zubov
  • Matt Foss - Arduino , sensors, Raspberry Pi
  • Anne Jang
  • Lucia Naidu
  • Faral Suged - Sensors - 10 Pounds


We are rising money for extra bit to make the project, we got 30 pounds ( 3 people gave me them ) and the next meeting we will think about how to drink/spend them :)

The budget will cover extra stuff like:

  • Paint for the tree
  • More leds or electronics components


Here are tasks to complete in the new few weeks (TBH):

1st Week: ( 25 of Nov )

  • Sort out what items are missing and buy them - DONE
  • Start the first hack to make the Xmas' song with Piezo - DONE

2sd Week:

  • Complete the Xmas' song
  • First Audio detection
  • First paint of the tree

3rd week:'

  • Wiring some LEDs
  • Make some boxes

4th week:'

  • Decorate the Tree with LEDs, servos, bells ,etc..