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The Hackspace carries a range of electronic (and other) components in stock. As a rule, members can use anything for free, as long as the cost is less than £1. However, if you're using more than £5-£10 worth of components a month, we'd appreciate a donation to cover those costs.


If you're a member of the space we'll happily order components for you and take advantage of bulk discounts/free shipping. If the component you request is cheap, we may order more than you need and bring it into stock in the space (if that's the case, then it's free as above).


  • VGA to M1-DA Cable for touch table mini projector (Do we have this now? --Russ)
  • NUTS. Various. Metric.
  • BOLTS to go with nuts, also "machine screws" down to m3 or smaller - we now have a selection of M2/2.5/3/4 bolts/nuts/washers JasperWallace
  • Header-pin sockets (etc)
  • A few freeduino's or similar (We're running short) (Could we do a pcb making + soldering workshop to make a bunch of Nanduino's instead since thats kind of a hackspace project? JasperWallace )
  • Various sizes of Pre-Sensitised Copper-Clad Board's [1] (Farnell link please --Russ) one of these? JasperWallace

Tools and equipment

See the Wishlist page.