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The Hackspace carries a range of electronic (and other) components in stock. As a rule, members can use anything for free, as long as the cost is less than £1. However, if you're using more than £5-£10 worth of components a month, we'd appreciate a donation to cover those costs.


Please include a link to the item, preferably from Farnell, or it won't be ordered.

If you're a member of the space we'll happily order components for you and take advantage of bulk discounts/free shipping. If the component you request is cheap, we may order more than you need and bring it into stock in the space (if that's the case, then it's free as above).


  • Arduinos (we should probably get these from Earthshine, but our budget is a bit tight to stretch to them currently -Russ)
  • Miniature trimming potentiometers
  • 4093 (four NAND Schmitt Triggers in one chip, useful for e.g. polyphonic square wave oscillators) (US stock - won't buy)
  • NTE4017B ("decade counter"/10-step counter, useful for sequencers) (US stock - won't buy)

For Alex:

Links Needed

Please help by finding an appropriate link for the following.

  • LEDs (varying, some good bright ones) +1 (we have loads of basic red/green/yellow etc ones)
  • 12V 3A solid-state relay
  • solid-core cable (RGBYKW) and multicore

Tools and equipment

See the Wishlist page.

Some tools we could regard as consumables; get cheap ones and replace them frequently. E.g.:

  • screw drivers
  • cutters

Tool bits and pieces

Recently retired/thrown away

  • spade-drills which had side of the spade drill broken sized 8, 10, 12 and 22 (2011/04)
  • Down to the last hacksaw iron blade (2011/04) - 410 length
  • Down to the last Pendulum Jigsaw saws of the non-T shape saws (2011/04)


We're running low on:

  • 555 and 556 timers. These are generally useful, we should always keep a few in stock.
  • Logic chips. I think the 74HCT series is a reasonable place to start, but I'm not an expert here.
  • Breadboards, 550 tie points, 270 tie points (caution: these are US parts, didn't find the same locally)
  • Some banaplugs or already wired up banaplug wires in the usual colours and length.

See also: Inventory#Stocked components.