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This documents efforts at improving the layout and infrastructure at the space.

Ongoing projects

Quiet Room carpet

  • Description: ...
  • Status: carpet is there, fittings have been ordered
  • People: Robert, Adrian

Kitchen Flooring

  • Description: ...
  • Status: need to put down a screed, needs to be ordered/bought. Then use the vinyl we have or buy resin paint. This requires financial assessment first.
  • People: ?

Kitchen Plumbing

  • Description: ...
  • Status: hot water generator needs to be moved from unit 23, cold water pipe run to the kitchen, and waste water out.
  • People: ?

Kitchen Wiring

  • Description: wiring for oven and hob. Needs to be certified by an electrician.
  • Status:
  • People: Russ

Kitchen Units

  • Description: ...
  • Status: materials all there, need fitting in place once floor, wiring, plumbing are done.
  • People: Phil


  • Description: Darkroom
  • Status: started building some work surfaces
  • People: Phil, AlexP

Lab "Extractor" Bench

  • Description: ...
  • Status: needs removal. Auction off?
  • People: ?

Unit 23 Toilet

  • Description: ...
  • Status: need to remove furnace, sweep it
  • People: ?

Quiet Room Screen

  • Description: for projections
  • Status: need to obtain epoxy bolts, then put up screen
  • People: Adrian (?)

Quiet Room Projector

  • Description: replace existing projector with the NEC projector, mount it properly
  • Status:
  • People: ?

Reorganise use of Unit 23 Space

  • Description: optimise storage areas etc
  • Status: start with Space_Organising_Day and use as opportunity to assess the layout
  • People: ?

Box in Lasercutter extraction

  • Description: ...
  • Status: ?
  • People: Billy (?)

Tool Access Control

Wiring Burglar Alarm Sensors

  • Description: ... so we can monitor them, implement reminders ("close the back doors") etc
  • Status:
  • People: ?

Create "Time To Live" Stickers

  • Description: to label unmarked objects that you want to nominate for removal. Cf Phil's "Do Not Hack" stickers.
  • Status:
  • People: ?


See Infrastructure meeting