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This documents efforts at improving the layout and infrastructure at the space.

Ongoing projects

Quiet Room carpet

  • Description: ...
  • Status:Carpet down
  • People: Robert, Adrian, Phil
  • Schedule: Monitor for adhesion problems....

Kitchen Plumbing

  • Description: ...
  • Status: hot water generator needs to be moved from unit 23DONE, cold water pipe run to the kitchenDONE, and waste water outDONE. Update 11/5/12 Correct plughole and overflow fitted! Needs wiring... (see below)
  • Only dishwasher and wiring remain.
  • People: PaddyD

Kitchen Wiring

  • Description: wiring for oven anoff M12 full nuts

4 off M12 flat washers (on site) 4 off M10 studding 350mm d hob. Needs to be done by a competent person.

  • Status:
  • People: Russ, Paddyd, Phil

Kitchen Units

  • Description: ...
  • Status: materials all there, need fitting in place once floor, wiring, plumbing are done.
  • People: Phil


  • Description: Darkroom
  • Status: started building some work surfaces, Supports part finished. Sink, cold water and drain installed.

Update 15SEP11

Right hand (Enlarger) bench finished. Supports for others finished. Sink installed and cold water and drain connected. Needs 15mm copper run to provide hot water from heater under workshop sink. Final dimensions of other benches to be finalised in conjunction with other interested parties.

  • People: Phil, AlexP, PaddyD

Unit 23 Toilet

  • Description: ...
  • Status: Clean and tidy, Flushes OK. Washroom now contains a coat rack for Lab coats, coveralls, aprons etc.
  • People: ?

Reorganise use of Unit 23 Space

  • Description: optimise storage areas etc
  • Status: start with Space_Organising_Day and use as opportunity to assess the layout
  • People: ?

Box in Lasercutter extraction

  • Description: ...
  • Status: ?
  • People: Billy (?)

Tool Access Control

Wiring Burglar Alarm Sensors

  • Description: ... so we can monitor them, implement reminders ("close the back doors") etc
  • Status:
  • People: ?

Create "Time To Live" Stickers

  • Description: to label unmarked objects that you want to nominate for removal. Cf Phil's "Do Not Hack" stickers.
  • Status: HACK ME Stickers now available with space for "Dispose by" date
  • People: ?

Shelving in lobby & main room

  • Three long shelves are supposed to be going above the old sink, with a worksurface fitted over the sink itself.
  • The light table is supposed to be gaining a wooden (removable) top, and going along the wall where the 3d scanner is
  • The light table becomes the 3d printing/scanning area, and can still be used as a light table if need be
  • The shelves hold the knitting m

Unit 23 Power meter

The meter in unit 23 isn't a smart one so we'd need to get some clamp current meter type things


Unit 23 Power Meter

Completed projects

Kitchen Flooring

  • Description: ...
  • Status: Floor done
  • People: ?

Lab "Extractor" Bench

  • Description: ...
  • Status: Dismantled and removed from Wet Lab. Fans have been kept for possible future use.
  • People: ?

Quiet Room Projector

  • Description: replace existing projector with the NEC projector, mount it properly
  • Status: New mounting part built, replaces a ceiling tile. Final detail of mount depends upon geometry of projector to be used.
  • People: Phil

Quiet Room Screen

  • Description: for projections
  • Status: need to obtain epoxy bolts, then put up screen
  • People: Adrian (?)
  • Proposal : drill and epoxy bolts into ceiling near window. Drill auxiliary fixings to hold bolts in place while epoxy sets. After setting, (done) Perform pull test on bolts. Schedule team of helpers to lift screen into place and fix. These activities will create some dust, mess and brief disruption in the quiet room.
  • Requirements : epoxy capsules (I have some of these, possibly date-expired - artag), studding, large masonry drill bit, heavy duty power drill. I also have the latter 2, but can't bring them to the space cleaning day. It may be possible to do the drilling phase before that date.

Update 15SEP11

  • Progress: Bolts now fixed into ceiling, Mounting plates made and ready.
  • Further requirements: Due to revised mounting method more materials as below
    • 12 off M10 full nuts
    • 12 off M10 flat washers
    • 4 off strong hackers to lift screen into place
    • 2 off weak hackers to fit the nuts

Unit 23 Power meter

See Electricity_meter, finished ages ago. N.B. could do with a realtime display again!

Restorative work

This section lists changes we have made to the building which may need to be restored if we give up the tenancy.

It isn't entirely clear whether we're supposed to restore the units to the state they were in when we took up the lease, or to some unimproved state. It seems unlikely to be the former given that the two units were in very different states.

Dividing wall

Blockwork wall between units to be rebuilt.

Unit 23 toilet

Washbasin and lavatory pan in south toilet have been removed to create space for a darkroom. They have been retained for refitting, but may need to be replaced if they get broken whilst stored.

Unit 24 ceiling

Some tiles removed or modified for projector and screen mount. Not clear how far this needs to be restored. Tiles should be retained if removed, ideally in ceiling space so they aren't lost.

Unit 24 kitchen

Most changes are probably OK, since the kitchen is extra infrastructure. Unclear what would happen if the waste were directed into unit 23 and the original sink removed - removal of the waste pipe would then leave no sink.

Building management

Fire brigade visit 2012-10-02

10:30:45 <@paddyd> the fire brigate have come on mass
10:54:09 < deafanon> one of them is taking a lot of interest in the fire exit 
                     in the workshop
10:54:19 <@paddyd> russss: they'll call in a bit
10:57:39 < deafanon> there's a fair quantitity of stuff stacked against the 
                     wall next to the fire exit in the workshop
11:05:49 <@russss> he rang me, there's no drama
11:05:57 <@russss> friendly chap
11:06:22 <@russss> someone emailed him to complain, but they're pretty happy 
                   with the way things are.
11:08:21 < lovelace_> They said it would be a good idea to clear the door by 
                      the big lathe to have another fire exit
11:09:10 < lovelace_> and have better access to the exit near the laser cutter. 
                      In short: clear the mess

Write-up from Russ


See Infrastructure meeting