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When: 8pm, 10th January 2011


  • meta meeting:
    • scope of the meeting
    • next meeting
  • what areas do we want in the space; rooms suggested so far:
    • quiet
    • games
    • av
    • sound
    • dark
    • kitchen
    • soldering station
    • chill out (R&R not so much quiet)
    • hot tub
    • woodwork
    • metal work
    • reception
    • gallery
    • workshop meeting room
    • where are the areas going to go
    • contents of the areas.
  • Old dirty room refurbishment
  • Laser cutter positioning
  • Bike Storage
  • Kitchen plans
    • Can we get a washing machine?
  • Desks & workbenches




Notes from 10th january infrastructure meeting, typed in a hurry and mostly paraphrased not peoples exact words, please correct/extend. yes my spelling is terrible, if you are going to complain run it through a spell checker already.

1) Russ/Jonty: should we be having this meeting, people who arn't here will want their say, if we post minutes to the mailing list people will reopen issues and we will end up with long threads justifiying everything we have already descided in great detail.

2)Moving the kitchen Jony: does anyone object to moving the kitchen to the back of lab24?

smokers could be asked to smoke outside unit 23, smoke blowing in when people are cooking is less annoying than Facuilitys are currently poor for cooking. potential to annoy people with smells discourage cooking at the moment Russ wants to preserve the robot murals Jonty: current hot water is crap, there is an unused water heater from unit 23? Wastewater will be a longish run, Russ will do the maths to check it will work, probably


Serious kitchen move proposal to be put in mailing list. Russ to do electrics Is Adrian ok to do plumbing

Lino or tiles? Tiles better as lino would require leveling the floor. Can anyone aquire tiles at no cost?

existing cold water pipe can be use, we have a water heater, the waste is the fiddle. some waste pipes are cast iron hob needs 16amp power

Subitem, can we get a washing machine? people have to take teatowels home to wash Jasper: Organised teatowel washing system with two colours of towel? Reply: if's it's broken fix it, just wash the teatowels or get on with it. Mark: Can anyone find an old style ceramic sink in a skip?

Jonty: If anyone comes across an old working washing machine maybe we can grab it.

3) More desks/work surfaces is high priority, what needs doing?

jonty: We need more desks, this a high priority. We have just got a shitload of desks but they need assembling and putting in sensible places Purple shirt man may take on assembling some desks/workbenches out of wood.

The required work before actually assembing the desks that we have include;

getting more bolts, getting carpet, moving the laser cutter and getting more chairs Adrian is going to try to look at auctions for chairs

Jasper: somewhere we have a thread pitch gague, please tell jasper/the list if you know where it is, it will help fitting new desks

someone: what about the details of the layout of the kitchen jonty: whoever does the work on the kitchen descides the details purple shirt man: beer taps through the wall from the back room into the main area? Enthusiasm for this idea/having a proper bar.

Jonty can someone commit to moving the laser cutter including ducting Some response.

existing cold water pipe can be use, we have a water heater, the waste is the fiddle. some waste pipes are cast iron hob needs 16amp power

Is moving the plumbing too hard? Russ thinks it is doable and is researching waste water flow etc

jonty: we need bookshelves Russ: bookshelves are easy to make

4) general space layout Russ: unit23 is better left as open plan as possible

4a) storage of bikes

Jonty: a bike rack inside is not a bad idea but not everyone is convinced.

JOnty&Russ: is the cost of automating the unit23 door worth it for people to get bikes in. Russ thinks the cost is totally not worth it. There could be people doing big stuff in unit 23 so making that the main entry door might be troublesome.

Russ: I think people only want to keep bikes inside because we have space and in a few months we won't have space.

Purple shirt man: I'v rarely seen more than 4 bikes here.

Man at the back: the buisness center bike shed had been robbed in the past. Jasper: if the stuff on the floor of unit 23 gets wet it turns sticky and nasty

Jonty: other residents on the floor like us, they come round, we probably won't annoy them by keeping bikes outside. Russ: We should not use space without good reason, bikes are ok outside. Jonty: we could put hooks on the wall outside for bikes. Mark: we can fit a lot of bikes along the walls outside Jonty: Lets gets some locks and chains, hand out keys when needed, they have to be big chains to work so peoples own bikelocks may not work. Moving on, bored of talking about bikes....

Jasper: we need about 8 meters of chain, high security chain is relatively expensive

4b) moving the laser cutter

Lost of past discussion. Basically it has to go in unit 23, we need some people to get on with it and do it however it needs doing. (see moving laser cutter being a blocking issue for desperatly needed more work surfaces)

4c) unit 24 stuff

Jonty: We also need to make a project mount, it's a suspended ceiling Russ: Maybe have the current lounge/electronics lab be all desks

4d) doing stuff with the unit 23 toilets

Jonty is not convinced by the idea of having a shower Purple shirt man: a shower may be a good idea as people are doing more work with caustic chemicals. Reasonable number of people think its a good idea

Solarnexius: Possiblity of turing a unit 23 toilet into a disabled access toilet Jonty: maybe that could have a shower as well. Russ: space planning required to see if thats practical Jonty likes the idea of a darkroom

Russ: two major things on changing a toilet to a darkroom, we don't want to loose a toilet. Apparantely the best place to put a dark room is where a window is. Also a sink is kinda required. Jonty: maybe the current firdge nook? Russ, maybe unit 23 toilet with big enterance have a shower, maybe a simple darkroom conversion on the other unit 23 toilet.

Reasonable number of hands in the air for a darkroom. Russ: propose bit of permanent bench next to the sink(in unit 23) for biohacking, pcb

etching etc Jonty: on the grounds of dust of lack of disturbance the current firdge nook might be

good for biohacking works/storage.

5) general stuff we need

Jonty: We need welding screens Russ: we could make welding screens but we need to do welding to do that Screens are being researched. there is a pledge drive, due to finances it must be paid before ordering

Jasper: a big projector has been donated buts its only 640x480 ?


Russ won't order parts that people list on the components page unless there is a direct link to a supplier of the part