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DMX Lights
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Model ?
Sub-category Audio/Visual
Status Under construction
Last updated 24 May 2021 22:15:42
Training requirement yes
ACnode no
Location Ground floor, around the social area.
Maintainers You, me, everybody.

We have 2 DMX lights.


We've had them for year and years. They used to be run via ?beacons on IRC and flash when people opened the doors. Then the DMX shield we where using went somewhere (back to it's owner?). For ages we had no dmx shield for them. We've now had one for a while, this page is an attempt to document the system and make it work.

Current setup

We have an Arduino Duemilanove with an ATMega 328, and a DMXSimple shield from Electric laboratory on Tindie.

We have a DMX bus terminator plug thing, and at least one 3 pin cable (XLR?).

The RS485 chip may be blown on the shield (?).

Using the DmxSimple library (has to be patched to change wiring.h -> wiring_private.h in DmxSimple.cpp).

I can't get the lights to do anything.

This might be the manual for the lights:

This is the manual for the lights.

interestingly it says: "Do not connect the cable’s shield conductor to the ground lug or allow the shield conductor to come in contact with the XLR’s outer casing. Grounding the shield could cause a short circuit and erratic behaviour." and the cable we've got does have the shield connected to the outer lug, however the DMX shield dosen't seem to have the outer casing connected to anything

I can only find one cable, I thought we had 2?

We are also getting 10 x rgb led lamps that were used in OHM2013.