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Or you may be forced to violate [[Rules|rule Zero]].
Or you may be forced to violate [[Rules|rule Zero]].
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We are soon entering our 3rd year[citation needed], and I want to take a moment to ask you for your help in continuing our mission. Hackspace is facing new challenges and encountering new opportunities, and both are going to require major funds. Help empower the world with free knowledge!

Hackspace is based on a very radical idea, the realization of the dreams most of us have always had for what the world can and should become. Thousands of people, all over the world, from all cultures, working together in harmony to freely share clear, factual, unbiased hacking… a simple and pure desire to make the world a more hackable place.

This is a radical strike at the heart of an increasingly shallow, proprietary and anti-intellectual culture. It is an appeal to the best within all of us.

The result so far has been wild success. Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who have created and managed this vast resource, we are now one of the top 30 Hackspaces[citation needed] in the world… and subscription growth continues. The pressures on us increase daily, pressures of organisation, of hackable things and hacking management. In order for the Hackspace to move forward, we need the help of amazing people like you, people who share in our dream of accessible hacking for everyone on this planet.

Charles Yarnold[citation needed], a director of the Hackspace

Please consider a generous donation to the Hackspace Foundation.

Or you may be forced to violate rule Zero.