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This page is used to track training sessions for the Equipment/Shapeoko2.

Training is available to London Hackspace members. You can pre-book your place below. If you have not yet joined London Hackspace, please do so before joining training!

Space is limited and you must reserve a place on this wiki page when a session is available - watch the Mailing List for announcements. Reserving a place is on a first-come-first-served basis, so you'll need to be quick.

If you can't attend your training session please remove your name from the roster.

Preparing for the session

You should come to the session having some knowledge of CAD and CAM concepts and have used a CAD/CAM package such as Autodesk Fusion (free, works on Windows or OSX) or other package capable of generating g-code for CNC machining. We will be happy to help with explaining concepts but depending on your background knowledge there is quite a lot to learn so you will get the most out of the session and the machine if you do some independent reading / practice.

Next Sessions

Please use the exact name you used to join LHS, so we can check your membership.

Training is £5 and is payable at the start of the session. (this goes towards upkeep of the machine)

24/01/16 @ 18:30 3 places available;

   1. Billy Smith
   2. Kapugama Bathgamage Maheemal Methsithum Thilakaratna
   3. Stephen O'Brien
   4. Timour Chomilier